Ph. D. Thesis resulting from DISP Research

 Andrew Holmgren, Coding Strategies for X-ray Tomography, Duke University, 2016

Mehadi Hassan, Coded Aperture X-ray Tomographic Imaging with Energy Sensitive Detectors, Duke University 2017

Ruoyu Zhu, Improving Radar Imaging with Computational Imaging and Novel Antenna Design, Duke University, 2017

Tsung-han Tsai, Coding Strategies and Implementations of Compressive Sensing, Duke University, 2016

Patrick Llull, Temporal Coding of Volumetric Imagery, Duke University, 2016

Evan Chen Computational Mass Spectroscopy, Duke University, 2015

Ken MacCabe X-ray Scatter Tomography Using Coded Apertures, University of North Carolina, 2014

Alexander Mrozack Implicit and Explicit Codes For Diffraction Tomography, Duke University, 2014

David Kittle Computational Optical Imaging Systems for Spectroscopy and Wide Field-of-View Gigapixel Photography Duke University, 2013

Se Hoon Lim, Compressive Holography Duke University, 2012

Christy A. Fernandez-Cull, Computational spectral microscopy and compressive millimeter-wave holography Duke University, 2010

Ashwin Wagadarikar, Compressive Spectral and Coherence Imaging, Duke University, 2010

Andrew D. Portnoy, "Coded Measurement for Imaging and Spectroscopy," Duke University, 2009

Scott T. McCain, "Coded Spectroscopy for Ethanol Detection in Diffuse, Fluorescent Media," Duke University, 2007

Mohan Shankar, Sampling and Signal Estimation in Computational Optical Sensors, Duke University, 2007

Qi Hao, "Multiple Human Tracking and Identification with Wireless Distributed Pyroelectric Sensors," Duke University, 2006

Evan Cull,Computational spectroscopy for task specific sensing Duke University, 2006.

Yunhui Zheng, "Efficient Object Localization and Tracking with Discrete Spatial Mappings," Duke University, May 2005

Prasant Potuluri, "Multiplex Optical Sensors for Reference Structure Tomography and Compressive Spectroscopy,"Duke University, August 2004

Remy Tumbar, " High Space-Bandwith Wavefront Sensing By Sampling and Spatial Multiplexing," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, January 2001.

Daniel L. Marks, "Four Dimensional Coherence Sensing," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001.

Junpeng Guo, "Holographic and Polarization Methods for Optical Field Analysis," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998.

Kenneth G. Purchase, "Distributed Bragg Pulse Shapers for Terahertz Modulation and Ultrafast Communications,"University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998.

Scott Alan Basinger, "Space-Time Imaging and Interferometric Microscopy," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1996.

Kent B. Hill, "Control and Detection of Complex Fields in Spatio-Temporal Optical Systems," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995.

Alan G. Chen, "Organic Materials for Holographic Applications," University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1993.

David J. Brady,"Photorefractive Volume Holography in Artificial Neural Networks," California Institute of Technology, 1990.

Former Members of DISP

Steve Feller (AWARE project manager)
Leah Goldsmith (group administrator)
Dr. Mehadi Hassan
Dr. Ruoyu Zhu
Dr. Daniel Marks 
Dr. Joel Greenberg (CAXI program leader) 
Dr. Ken MacCabe 

Paul Vosburgh (instrument maker)
Dr. Kalyani Krishnamurthy (postdoc)
Dr. Jun Niu (postdoc)
Dr. Sean Pang (postdoc)
Dr. Alex Mrozack
Dr. Evan Chen
Dr. Tsung Han Tsai 
Dr. Andrew Holmgren 
Dr. Patrick Llull 
Lauren Bange
Dr. Orges Furxhi (Postdoc) 
Sally Gewalt (Senior Staff) 
Joanna Clark (Staff) 
Dr. David Kittle 
Dr. Amar Chawla (Staff)
Dr. Se Hoon Lim 
Dr. Joonku Hahn (Postdoc)
Dr. Kerkil Choi (Postdoc)
Dr. Ashwin Wagadarikar
Dr. Cristina Fernandez 
Dr. Nathan Hagen (Postdoc)
Dr. Nikos Pitisianis (Staff)
Dr. Andrew Portnoy
Dr. Renu John (Postdoc)
Dr. Mohan Shankar 
Dr. Yangqia Wang (Postdoc) 
Dr. Scott McCain 
Dr. Michael Gehm (Postdoc) 
Dr. Evan Cull 
Dr. John Burchett 
Dr. Qi Hao 
James Adelmen 
John Bower 
Dr. Unnikrishnan Gopinathan
David Kowalski 
Dr. Santosh Narayankhedkar
Dr. Prasant Potuluri 
Adam Saltzman
Harsha Setty
Dr. Alan Shang
Dr. Arnab Sinha
Mike Sullivan
Lin Wang
Zhanglei Wang
Mingbo Xu
Dr. Yunhui Zheng

 Zhaochun Xu


Former Members of Photonic Systems Group

Eric Abbott 
Dr. Michal Balberg 
Dr. George Barbastathis 
Dr. Scott Basinger 
Colin Byrne 
Dr. Geng-Sheng (Alan) Chen 
Dr. Matt Fetterman 
Jason Gallicchio 
Dr. Junpeng Guo 
Dr. Kent Hill 
Dr. Jose Jimenez 
Dr .Andrew J. (A.J.) Johnson 
Dr. Hai Lin 
Dr. Daniel Marks 
Dr. Rick Morrison 
Dr. Ken Purchase 
Andrew Rittgers 
Ronald Stack 
Marc Talbot 
Dr. Richard Tarkka 
Dr. Remy Tumbar