Current Research

Current DISP research focuses on the design of compact camera arrays to fully capture the "light field." This means that we want to capture a real environment and then be able to view the environment from any view point and at any time in real-time broadcasts. 

To achieve this goal, we develop novel optical and electronic architectures to reduce camera size, weight, power and cost per pixel and we develop artificial intelligence algorithms to control camera capture parameters, to encode and transmit data structures and to create virtual views. 

The general idea of what we would like to achieve in broadcast media builds on work at a company spun off from DISP, Aqueti. In work with Premier Boxing Champions and the National Football League, Aqueti created the videos linked below. DISP is working on AI control systems and camera platforms to continue to push toward fully interactive VR broadcasting. 

This video demonstrates the PBC system:  

This explores array camera capture and rendering

which can be used even for golf:

and football: