Nonadaptive group testing based fiber sensor deployment for multiperson tracking


We demonstrate a novel use of nonadaptive group testing in the design and implementation of a fiber sensor floor web for the localization and tracking of multiple individuals. We validate our design with a floor web woven with optical fiber threads that form a grid of cells, with a different subset of fibers on each cell. Sensors detect the presence of a person by the change in light transmission due to microbending when a fiber is stepped upon. Nonadaptive group testing permits the determination of a minimum number of sensors and the proper allocation of monitored cells to each sensor. The simultaneous presence of individuals on any combination of up to a small number of cells generates a unique sensor response. Our proof of concept implementation of an 8 × 8 grid requires the use of only 16 sensors and off-the-shelf inexpensive components to decipher the position of up to two individuals. This experiment proves the feasibility of our design and its extensibility to higher number of cells and simultaneous targets. © 2006 IEEE.