Characterization of waveguide and grating formation in As<inf>2</inf>S<inf>3</inf>

TitleCharacterization of waveguide and grating formation in As2S3
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsJP Guo, S Ramachandran, SG Bishop, and DJ Brady
Conference NameIEEE LEOS Annual Meeting - Proceedings
Date Published12/1994

Photodarkening in the chalcogenide glass As2S3 makes it attractive for applications in integrated optics and data storage Various optical devices can be fabricated using the laser-induced change of refractive index in this material. Waveguides, directional couplers, and holographic gratings have been fabricated on thin films and bulk samples of As2S3. This paper reports studies of the dynamics of waveguide and grating formation on the surface of bulk As2S3. Spatial and temporal characteristics of laser-induced refractive index changes are described. Several different material effects are shown to contribute to the index modulation.