Galilean monocentric multiscale optical systems.

TitleGalilean monocentric multiscale optical systems.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsW Pang, and DJ Brady
JournalOptics Express
Start Page20332
Pagination20332 - 20339
Date Published08/2017

The first generation of monocentric multiscale gigapixel cameras used Keplerian designs to enable full field coverage. This paper considers alternative designs that remove the requirement that adjacent subimages overlap. Removing this constraint enables Galilean designs that reduce system volume and improve relative illumination and image quality. The entrance aperture can also be moved to more closely approximate telecentricity and gaps in the field of view can be filled using multiple co-boresighted MMS cameras. Even with multiple cameras, Galilean systems can still reduce the total volume by 10 times relative to previous Keplerian designs.

Short TitleOptics Express