Fabrication of holographic gratings in As<inf>2</inf>S<inf>3</inf> glass by photoexpansion and photodarkening

TitleFabrication of holographic gratings in As2S3 glass by photoexpansion and photodarkening
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsS Ramachandran, SG Bishop, JP Guo, and DJ Brady
JournalIeee Photonics Technology Letters
Start Page1041
Pagination1041 - 1043
Date Published08/1996

The spatial dynamics of the photo-induced surface relief and phase gratings in As2S3 glass are described. Excursion amplitudes up to 150 nm and grating efficiencies up to 27% are observed. Depth and resolution limits for the effect are measured and a model for the resolution limit is proposed.

Short TitleIeee Photonics Technology Letters