Distributed focus and digital zoom

TitleDistributed focus and digital zoom
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsW Pang, and DJ Brady
JournalEngineering Research Express
Date Published09/2020

We explore integrated microcamera focus systems for array cameras. Array cameras enable wide field of view 90° to 360° high resolution (10-100 μrad) imaging with small exit apertures (≈10mm). Small exit apertures enable compact focus mechanisms with fast actuators. We show that a common mechanism supports ≈f/2.5 camera modules with focal lengths ranging from 25 to 60 mm. Designs for each focal length include a fixed objective lens group and an adjustable back focus group. Increasing the focal power of the front focal group enables the travel range to accommodate long focal length systems.Wepresent design examples for both discrete and multiscale array camera systems.

Short TitleEngineering Research Express