Compressive Sampling for Array Cameras

TitleCompressive Sampling for Array Cameras
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsX Yan, DJ Brady, W Zhang, C Yu, Y Jiang, J Wang, C Huang, Z Li, and Z Max
JournalSiam Journal on Imaging Sciences
Start Page156
Pagination156 - 177
Date Published01/2021

While design of high-performance lenses and image sensors has long been the focus of camera development, the size, weight, and power of image data processing components are currently the primary barriers to radical improvements in camera resolution. Here we show that deep learning-aided compressive sampling can reduce operating power on camera head electronics by 20 times or more. Traditional compressive sampling has to date been primarily applied in the physical sensor layer. We show here that with the aid of deep learning algorithms, compressive sampling is offers unique power management advantages in digital layer compression.

Short TitleSiam Journal on Imaging Sciences