Complementary coded apertures for 4-dimensional x-ray coherent scatter imaging.

TitleComplementary coded apertures for 4-dimensional x-ray coherent scatter imaging.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsS Pang, M Hassan, J Greenberg, A Holmgren, K Krishnamurthy, and D Brady
JournalOptics Express
Start Page22925
Pagination22925 - 22936
Date Published09/2014

X-ray scattering has played a key role in non-destructive materials characterization due to the material-specific coherent scattering signatures. In the current energy dispersive coherent scatter imaging systems, including selected volume tomography and coherent scatter computed tomography, each object voxel is measured at a single scatter angle, which suffers from slow acquisition time. The employment of coded apertures in x-ray scatter imaging systems improves the photon collection efficiency, making it promising for real time volumetric imaging and material identification. In this paper, we propose a volumetric x-ray scatter imaging system using a pair of complementary coded apertures: a coded aperture on the detector side introduces multiplexed measurement on an energy-sensitive detector array; a complementary source-side coded aperture selectively illuminates the object to decouple the ambiguity due to the increased parallelization for 4D imaging. The system yields the 1D coherent scattering form factor at each voxel in 3D. We demonstrate tomographic imaging and material identification with the system and achieve a spatial resolution ~1 cm and a normalized momentum transfer resolution, Δq/q, of 0.2.

Short TitleOptics Express