AWARE-2 Camera 002

This system is consists of 98 microcameras, 120 by 42 degree FOV, 38 microradian FOV for a single pixel, and an effective f-number of 2.17.  Each microcamera operates at 10 fps at full resolution.   The camera is shown in figure 1.


Objective Lens
Focal Length 70 mm, f/3.5
Outer semi-diameter 30.136mm, Track length of 64mm
FOV 120 degrees, 400-700nm
Microcamera optics
Effective focal length of 11.7mm
Track length of 41mm, outer diameter of 7.2mm
1.4 Gigapixels RAW data,
Composited pixels: 63,000x18,000 ~ 0.96 GP
120x42 degrees
38 microrad, 64 microrad achieved resolution
426 Watts
0.75 x 0.75 x 0.5 meters
Image capture
Full resolution: 1.3156 gigabytes, 98 .pgm images from all cameras
Each image: 4384x3288 pixels, 13.747 MegaBytes
Binning and ROI at camera control module for reduced size image capture--independently controlled for each camera
Full resolution over single Ethernet: 13.5 seconds
Entire array, 16x binning: 0.4-0.6 seconds
Video streaming
10fps off CMOS to camera control module, download to computer dependant on Ethernet link and number of cameras.  Overhead for single camera is roughly 0.15 seconds per frame regardless of image size. 
Direct HDMI link from camera control module for 10 fps HD video
205 lbs
93 kg
Shipping Weight
~400 lbs

Example Images